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Marton Csokas


Full Name: Marton Csokas

Nicknames: None

Birthdate: June 30, 1966

Birthplace: New Zealand

Height: 6’3"

Weight: Unknown

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Pets: Unknown

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Marital status: Unknown

Fun Facts:

* Co-founded the Stronghold Theatre in Australasia
* Is a graduate of the New Zealand Drama School
* His last name, Csokas, is pronounced "Cho-karsh"
* Made an uncredited screen appearance in "Star Wars: Episode II" as Geonosian Archduke Poggle the Lesser
* His talent for classical work was seen in numerous productions of Shakespeare, Chekhov and Brecht, including roles as Falstaff in The Merry Wives of Windsor, Brutus in Julius Caesar and Orsino in Twelfth Night, as well as performing in Three Sisters, The Cherry Orchard and Happy End Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact
* Was nominated for an Australian Film Institute award for Best Performance in a Television Drama Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact
* American audiences also saw him portray Ted Healy, the man who created The Three Stooges, in a highly rated television movie Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact


Andy Serkis


Full Name: Andrew Serkis

Nicknames: Gollum

Birthdate: April 20th, 1964

Birthplace: Ruslip Manor, England

Height: 5’8 ½”

Weight: Unknown

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Pets: A cat

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Marital status: Married to Lorraine Ashbourne. They have two children, Sonny and Ruby.

Fun Facts:

# His father was a doctor in Iraq, and his mother taught handicapped children.
# Went to St. Benedict's School, London, UK
# Is a vegetarian
# Owns one of two prop rings used in "Lord of the Rings" (the other went to Elijah Wood)
# Wrote a book about his experience playing Gollum


Lawrence Makoare

Lurtz, the Witch-king, and Gothmog

Full Name: Lawrence Makoare

Nicknames: Unknown

Birthdate: March 20th, 1968

Birthplace: Bastion Point, Auckland, New Zealand

Height: 6' 5"

Weight: Unknown

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Pets: Unknown

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Marital status: Married (his wife's name is unknown). He has five kids: Sharai, Hore, Harley, Billie, and Jesse.

Fun Facts:

# Used to be a road maintenance worker. He says he stumbled into acting by mistake.
# Is of Ngati Whatua descent, although he doesn't speak Maori fluently
# Has worked as a Maori wood carver
# Plays rugby, touch football, and softball. He also enjoys scuba diving, fishing, and swimming.
# For his scenes as the Witch-king, Lawrence had sit on a barrel and pretend to be flying. For his scenes as Gothmog, he sat astride the same barrel...but had to pretend it was a Warg.
# Usually plays villains in movies


John Noble


Full Name: John Noble

Nicknames: Unknown

Birthdate: August 20th, 1948

Birthplace: Port Pirie, South Australia

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: Unknown

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Pets: A dog named Elly; had a dog named Peter when he was a child

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Blue

Marital status: Married to Penny, with whom he has three children: Samantha, Jessica, and Daniel

Fun Facts:

# Has produced over seventy new Australian plays
# Is a voice and acting teacher
# Made semi-regular appearances on the TV show "All Saints".
# Is a freelance actor
# Had to perform one Denethor scene at least 19 times until Peter Jackson was satisfied
# Says that he considers the role of Denethor to be very much like the role of King Lear
# Found Pippin's song for Denethor so moving that he actually started to cry
# The meat John eats during the Pippin/Denethor scene wasn't chicken: he says it tasted more like quail or something very exotic.


John Rhys-Davies


Full Name: John Rhys-Davies

Nicknames: None

Birthdate: May 5th, 1944

Birthplace: Wiltshire, England, UK

Height: 6’1”

Weight: Unknown

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Pets: None

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Marital status: Married to Deborah. They have one son.

Fun Facts:

* His son kept urging him to try to get the role of Gimli and he got it.
* Had to spend 5 hours putting on make-up for Lord of the Rings.
* Was allergic to his make-up as Gimli. He admits on the Extended DVD that it ate away the skin around his eyes. Thanks to Sian Pham for this fact
* He collects cars
* Originally auditioned for the role of Denethor
* Portrayed Leonardo da Vinci twice on Star Trek: Voyager
* Was the only fellowship member not to get tattooed with the Elvish symbol for 9--he sent his stunt double in his place
* Also provided the voice of Treebeard
* Is the tallest of the actors who play members of the fellowship
* Played King Priam of Troy in the made-for-tv-movie Helen of Troy


Sir Ian Mckellen


Full Name: Ian Murray McKellen

Nicknames: None

Birthdate: May 25th, 1939

Birthplace: Burnley, England, UK

Height: 5'11

Weight: Unknown

Parents: Denis and Margery McKellen

Siblings: Jean

Pets: None

Hair color: White

Eye color: Blue

Marital status: Single

Fun Facts:

# Was knighted in 1990
# Publicly came out as gay in a 1988 BBC radio interview. Since then, he's been active in the Gay Rights movement.
# Was the vampire in the music video "Heart" by the Pet Shop Boys.
# He is a vegetarian.
# He was offered to be Mission Commander Swanbeck in "Mission: Impossible 2," but was not able to do it because he was too busy at the time.
# Wore a false nose as Gandalf
# Studied at Cambridge University
# Called the crebain (Saruman's crows) "Spies from Star Wars" (LotR was being filmed in New Zealand, while Star Wars was being filmed in Australia)
# Based Gandalf's accent on the accent of Tolkien himself
# Gandalf's painful encounter with a ceiling beam in Bilbo's hobbit-hole was not in the script--Ian banged his forehead against the beam accidentally, not on purpose. But Peter Jackson thought Ian did a great job "acting through" the mistake, and so kept it in.

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Craig Parker


Full Name: Craig Parker

Nicknames: None that anyone knows of

Birthdate: November 12th, 1970

Birthplace: Suva, Fiji

Height: 5’11"

Weight: Unknown

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Has one sister but never said her name

Pets: Unknown

Hair color: Dark Brown

Eye color: Blue

Marital status: Single, as far as anyone knows


Fun Facts:
  • He likes to swim, sail, eat, and play.
  • His favorite food is Indian
  • One of his favorite singers is David Bowie
  • His favorite movie is "The Hunger"
  • He put a tropical garden in his backyard complete with whistling tree frogs
  • Says he can't live without art, books, CJ, cell phones, chardonnay, chicken, credit cards, family, friends, going out, gossip, laughter, lying on the couch, movies, music, his Mac, occasional employment, Posonby, SPQR (Ponsonby Cafe), stage management, shopping, summer taxis, theater, water... Thanks to OrliGirli for this fact


Elijah Wood

Frodo Baggins

Full Name: Elijah Jordan Wood

Nicknames: Elwood, Lij, and Monkey

Birthdate: January 28th, 1981

Birthplace: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 162 lbs.

Parents: Warren and Debbie Wood (divorced)

Siblings: Zack (28) and Hannah (18)

Pets: Two Bearded Collies, Rascal and Levonne

Hair color: Dark Brown

Eye color: Blue

Marital status: Rumors report that he's been dating actress Franka Potente, although Elijah himself denies this.

Fun Facts:

* His favorite bands are The Beatles and The Smashing Pumpkins.
* He plays piano.
* He lives in an apartment in Manhattan with his sister.
* Owns thousands of CDs because of his love for music.
* When he went to NZ for LotR, he brought 300 CDs...then bought 300 more there Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact
* Hates rap, country, and heavy metal Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact
* His favorite books are The Hobbit and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
* Is still a fan of the ex-Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan’s new band, Zwan.
* Says Frodo Baggins was his best role.
* He was the first member of the Lord of the Rings fan club.
* Some of his hobbies are reading, fencing, rollerblading, swimming, collecting Star Wars stuff, basketball, hockey, singing, surfing, cooking, photography.
* Smokes Clove cigarettes.
* Bites his fingernails AND his toenails.
* Favorite color is blue.
* Wears clear contacts as a result of being cross-eyed, and also wears glasses at times
* If he weren't an actor he would be a Secret Agent
* Learns singing professionally
* Says that he is really interested in the film making process and would like to be a director one day.
* Owns the One Ring and keeps it in a box at home
* Loves animals
* Loves playing video games
* Favorite food is homemade potato salad
* For his audition as Frodo, he rented a costume, headed to the Los Angeles hills, and had a couple of friends film him acting out a few of Frodo's scenes.
* Wasn't really considered for the role of Frodo until he sent in his audition tape Thanks to Arowaoy for this fact
* As Miranda Otto (Eowyn) says, "Elijah has the innocence of a child, the wisdom of a ninety-year-old man, and the grace of an angel."
* Was offered the role of Han Solo in Star Wars Episode III, but turned it down Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact
* Was considered for the role of Chase in "Drive Me Crazy," but he was thought to look too young next to Melissa Joan Hart Thanks to Arowaoy for this fact
* The way he got his nickname "Monkey" is that when he was little, he used to climb on trees, cabinets, or anything else he could Thanks to little_arwen for this fact


Sala Baker


Full Name: Sala Baker

Nicknames: Unknown

Birthdate: September 22nd, 1972

Birthplace: Wellington, New Zealand

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: Unknown

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Pets: Unknown

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Marital status: Single

Fun Facts:

# Had never been in a movie before LotR
# One of his favorite scenes as Sauron was a cut scene in which he stabbed his (Sauron's palm) so that his blood and the molten gold of the Ring mixed together, flowing down his hand to form a circle around his finger
# Is cast in The Chronicles of Narnia; his role is unknown
# Started out as a stuntman
# Happily admits to playing the Uruk who kills Haldir at Helm's Deep
# His favorite movie character is John Coffey from The Green Mile
# Thinks Liv Tyler is more beautiful than Penelope Cruz
# Is Samoan
# Went to Mana College, where he was the tallest in his class

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Viggo Mortensen


Full Name: Viggo Peter Mortensen

Nicknames: Vig

Birthdate: October 20th, 1958

Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, USA

Height: 5’11”

Weight: Unknown

Parents: Viggo (Danish) and Grace (American, related to Buffalo Bill Cody). They divorced in 1969, at which time Viggo moved to upstate New York with his mother and brothers. Thanks to Valentina for this fact

Siblings: Two younger brothers

Pets: A dog, Brigit; a horse, TJ; another horse, Uraeus (aka Brego from LotR); and maybe a third horse, Kenny (Hasufel from LotR) Thanks to Valentina for this fact

Hair color: Brown, although dyed orange or blond at times

Eye color: Green

Marital status: Exene Cervenka, lead singer of the punk band X (divorced). Has one child named Henry.

Fun Facts:

* His parents met in 1957 at a ski resort in Norway; his mother was working at the American Embassy there. Thanks to Valentina for this fact
* He’s a Jazz musician and has 3 CDs.
* He is a photographer.
* He also writes poetry. One of his poetry books is called "Recent Forgeries" Thanks to Sian Pham for this fact
* One of his books is called "The Horse Is Good" Thanks to Arideth109 for this fact
* Was a truck driver when he was in Denmark.
* He cracked his tooth when filming FotR, but asked to have it glued back on so he could finish the scene.
* He broke two toes in TTT when he kicked the steel helmet by the orc pyre.
* He speaks English, Spanish, Elvish, and Danish fluently.
* Was convinced by his son, an avid Tolkien fan, to take the part of Aragorn
* Has lived in Venezuela, Argentina, and Denmark.
* At the end of FotR, Viggo takes the dead Boromir's vambraces and straps them onto his own forearms, as a way of carrying Boromir's spirit with him.
* Was one of the only LotR actors to grow out his own hair instead of donning a wig.
* Did all of his own stunts, and used a steel sword instead of an aluminum or rubber sword.
* Liked the Elvish language so much that he requested more lines in Elvish
* Always kept his sword with him and was questioned by police several times
* Was so impressed with the horse he rode in TTT that he bought it from the owners
* Also bought the horse he rode in "Hidalgo" because he loved it so much Thanks to little_arwen for this fact
* One of his horses is a palomino Thanks to Arideth109 for this fact
* Spends every Halloween with his son, and even makes sure all his movie contracts have a clause that says he doesn't have to film on Halloween Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact
* On the LotR set he earned the nickname "No-Ego Viggo" because of his low-maintenance personality Thanks to little_arwen for this fact
* Almost drowned in a TTT river scene when the current pulled him about fifteen feet underwater Thanks to G-Baby for this fact


Christopher Lee


Full Name: Christopher Frank Carandini Lee

Nicknames: Chris

Birthdate: May 27, 1922

Birthplace: London, England

Height: 6’5"

Weight: Unknown

Parents: Estelle Marie and Geoffery Trollope

Siblings: A sister named Xandra

Pets: Unknown

Hair color: White

Eye color: Brown

Marital status: Married Birgit Kroencke in 1961. They have a daughter named Christina.

Fun Facts:

* Is a classically trained singer
* Was one of the judges for the 1995 Miss World beauty pageant
* Appears on the cover of Paul McCartney's 1973 album "Band on the Run"
* He is fluent in German
* Speaks French well enough to understand questions and give long replies in a press conference
* Is the only member of the cast and crew of Lord of the Rings to have met Tolkien
* As a member of volunteer troops from Britain, Lee fought in the Winter War in 1939-40 in Finland
* Coming from an acting dynasty, his great-grandparents founded the first Australian opera company
* Is a Commander of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem
* Has read the LotR trilogy once a year ever since the books were published
* With over 255 film and TV productions, he is THE international star with the most screen credits
* Wore a false nose as Saruman
* Broke his left hand when he slammed it on his hotel door


Billy Boyd

Pippin Took

Full Name: Billy Boyd

Nicknames: Bill, Pickle, Pippin, and Pip Thanks to Meriadoc for this fact

Birthdate: August 28th, 1968

Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Height: 5' 7''

Weight: Unknown

Parents: William and Mary Boyd (both deceased)

Siblings: Margaret

Pets: Unknown

Hair color: Fair

Eye color: Green

Marital status: Has a new girlfriend who is a Scottish dancer. Her name is Ali McKinnon. Thanks to Sian Pham for Ali's name

Fun Facts:

Fun Facts:

* He's a talented singer with a strong tenor/light baritone voice. He has a range of F# to A above middle C--over 2 octaves.
* Plays the guitar.
* Plays the bass.
* 12/1/2002: Topped list of the Top 100 Most Eligible Men in Scotland.
* Favorite color is blue.
* Favorite movies are LotR, Indiana jones, and Notting Hill Thanks to OrliGirli for this fact
* Favorite drink is malt whiskey Thanks to OrliGirli for this fact
* His favorite comedians are the Marx Brothers Thanks to OrliGirli for this fact
* His hobbies include surfing, drinking, dancing, and having a good time! Thanks to OrliGirli for this fact
* Lord of the Rings was the only book Billy did not read while working as a book binder. He tried to read it once when on holiday in the USA, but after a few chapters he dropped it into the pool! Thanks to OrliGirli for this fact
* His Elvish Fellowship tattoo is on his ankle Thanks to Sian Pham for this fact
* In the new movie The Seed of Chucky, Chucky will be voiced by Billy Thanks to Lauren for this fact


Bernard Hill


Full Name: Bernard Hill

Nicknames: None

Birthdate: December 17th, 1944

Birthplace: Manchester, England

Height: 5’10”

Weight: Unknown

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Pets: Unknown

Hair color: Grey

Eye color: Blue

Marital status: Married, but no one knows his wife's name

Fun Facts:

* Is an experienced horseback rider

* In his commentary on the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Extended Edition, he admits that during the course of shooting he first broke his sternum, then had his ear slashed open by a sword.

* His birthday coincides with the release date of The Return of the King

* Is currently a purple belt in karate

* Has a son named Gabriel

* Before being cast as King Théoden in Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson considered him for the part of Gandalf

* Recently starred in the BBC telefilm "Skallagrig," which went on to receive the BAFTA Award for Best TV Play Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact

* Was nominated for a BAFTA Award for his portrayal of Yosser Hughes in Alan Bleasdale's acclaimed television series "Boys from the Blackstuff," for which he also received the Press Guild Award for Achievement of the Decade Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact


Liv Tyler

Arwen Undomiel

Full Name: Liv Tyler

Nicknames: Liver

Birthdate: July 1st, 1977

Birthplace: New York, USA

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 112 lbs.

Parents: Steven Tyler and Bebe Buell

Siblings: Has two half-sisters (Mia and Chelsea Tyler) and a half-brother, Taj.

Pets: A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog named Neal Thanks to mysticelf for this fact

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Marital status: Married Royston Langdon on March 25th, 2003. Their first child is due winter 2004.

Fun Facts:
  • On her 21st birthday “Armageddon” opened.
  • She’s a vegetarian.
  • She left her elf ears on the dashboard of her car and when she came back into her car they had melted.
  • She is Keith Richards’ son’s godmother.
  • Her shoe size is a 10.
  • She hates piercings and tattoos.
  • She quit smoking in 2002 after starting when she was only 14.
  • Didn't do any of her own horseback riding in FotR.
  • Liv's father, Steven Tyler, is the lead singer of Aerosmith
  • Liv's husband, Royston Langdon, is the lead singer of British band Spacehog
  • Was voted the 6th Sexiest Female Movie Star in the Australian Empire Magazine September 2002

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Cate Blanchett


Full Name: Catherine Elise Blanchett

Nicknames: Cate

Birthdate: May 14th, 1969

Birthplace: Clayton, Victoria, Australia

Height: 5’8 ½"

Weight: Unknown

Parents: Her mother's name is June. Her father died when she was 10 from a heart attack, but his name is unknown.

Siblings: Bob and Genevieve

Pets: None

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Marital status: Married to Andrew Upton. They have a son named Dashiell John, and Cate is expecting her 2nd child in Spring of 2004.

Fun Facts:

* Was the first person to win the Critics Circle Theatre award for Best Newcomer and Lead Actress in the same year.
* Attended Methodist Ladies College (MLC) in Melbourne, Australia and then became the School Drama Captain.
* Jokes that part of the reason she took the role of Galadriel was for the pointy ears--she's always wanted pointy ears.
* After Lord of the Rings, she kept and bronzed her elf ears.
* Was considered for the role of Clarice Starling in "Hannibal", but it went to Julianne Moore later on.
* Was chosen as one of People magazine “50 most beautiful” in the year of 1999.
* Enjoys making lists and crossing items off as she accomplishes them.
* Four of her movies have the title of the name of the person she plays: "Veronica Guerin", "Charlotte Gray", "Elizabeth", and "Thank God He Met Lizzie".
* Received an Acadamy Award nomination in 1999 for Best Actress in "Elizabeth." She has also received numerous awards, and honors for her talents internationally. Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact
* Studied Economics at the University of Melbourne. Her first experience on a film set was in Egypt, in a Arabic boxing film, because she was broke and needed money. Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact


Sean Bean


Full Name: Shaun Mark Bean

Nicknames: None

Birthdate: April 17th, 1959

Birthplace: Sheffield, England, UK

Height: 5’11”

Weight: Unknown

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Pets: Unknown

Hair color: Blond

Eye color: Green

Marital status: Married Debra James on April 11, 1981 (now divorced). Married Melanie Hill from 1991 to 1997 (divorced), with whom he had two daughters, Lorna and Molly. Married Abigail Cruttenden from 1997 to 2000, with whom he had one child.

Fun Facts:

* He is a devoted follower of the Sheffield United Football Club.

* Was a presenter at the 1995 BAFTA Awards.

* He appeared in Moby's video for "We Are All Made of Stars"

* Disliked riding helicopters to a mountain location so much that he decided to spend two hours each day climbing up instead--in costume.

* The sculpture of Boromir's dead body was so life-like that a technician enquired whether Sean oughtn't to be offered something to drink.

* Starred in a UK TV series as a soldier during the Napoleonic wars by the name of Richard Sharpe. He subsequently appeared in a series of commercials where he would allude to his earlier role, saying things like, "Sharpe idea". In this movie he continues the joke: after touching the Sword of Elendil he says, "Still Sharpe."

* Is currently filming "National Treasure" in L.A. alongside Nicolas Cage Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact

* Is also well know for other international roles: Alec Trevelyan 006 in the Bond Movie "Goldeneye," Sean Miller in "Patriot Games," Spence in "Ronin," and Patrick Koster in "Don't Say a Word" Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact

* After studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Sean began his stage career in London's West End in a variety of Shakespearean roles beore making his debut in Caravaggio Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact


Miranda Otto


Full Name: Miranda Otto

Nicknames: None

Birthdate: December 16th, 1967

Birthplace: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Height: 5’9”

Weight: Unknown

Parents: Barry and Lindsay Otto

Siblings: None that she has mentioned

Pets: None that she has mentioned

Hair color: Strawberry blonde

Eye color: Blue

Marital status: Married Peter O’Brien on January 1st, 2003

Fun Facts:

* Is a graduate of the prestigious Australian theatrical school NIDA

* Is the daughter of prolific Australian actor Barry Otto

* Is named after the character Miranda in Shakespeare’s "The Tempest"

* Her mother gave up acting to design dresses after Miranda was born

* Filmed an Italian advertisement for diamonds with Brad Pitt in 2000. The commercial was shot in Los Angeles but the set was made to look like Italy.

* Is currently living in Australia with her husband, but has plans to move to London, England

* Hopes to have children in the future


Sean Astin

Samwise Gamgee

Full Name: Sean Patrick Astin

Nicknames: None

Birthdate: February 25th, 1971

Birthplace: Santa Monica, California, USA

Height: 5’5”

Weight: Unknown

Parents: John Astin and Patty Duke

Siblings: One brother, MacKenzie, who is two years younger than Sean and is also an actor (thanks to OrliGirli for this fact), and three half brothers: David, Allen and Tom

Pets: Unknown

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Marital status: Married Christine in July of 1992. They have 2 kids: Alexandra Louise (born November 27, 1996) and Elizabeth Louise (born August 6, 2002)

Fun Facts:

* Graduated with honors from UCLA; B.A. in History and B.A. in English.

* Left the room halfway during recording DVD commentary for "The Goonies" and never returned.

* He had to gain almost 35 lbs. for his role of Sam.

* In February 2003, Sean was appointed to the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation.

* Was knocked unconscious when a wooden loom fell on him on the Rivendell set

* While filming the closing scenes of FotR, Sean rushed into the river only to have a piece of glass pierce his entire foot.

* In RotK, Sean's daughter, Alexandra, plays Sam's daughter, Elanor.

* Sean's wife, Christine, co-produced "Kangaroo Court" with him Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact

* Even though Sean is a successful director, he's not about to give up acting Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact

* At 13, Sean landed a role in "The Goonies," a film often described as an Indiana Jones movie for kids Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact

* In 1996, Sean not only landed a role in "Courage Under Fire," but also became a father Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact

* Sean's father, John Astin, played Gomez in the original Addam's Family Thanks to Arowaoy for this fact


Dominic Monaghan

Meriadoc Brandybuck

Full Name: Dominic Monaghan

Nicknames: Dom

Birthdate: December 8th, 1976

Birthplace: Berlin, Germany

Height: 5’7”

Weight: Unknown

Parents: Austin and Aureen Monaghan

Siblings: Matthew, age 25 Thanks to Valindiel for this fact!

Pets: A pet black widow spider name Witchitar, a leaf mantis named Gizmo, and an albino garter snake named Blink. Thanks to Valindiel and Gemz for this fact!

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue/grey

Marital status: Single

Fan Facts:

* His favorite actor is Robert De Niro.

* His favorite movies are "The Godfather," "The Deer Hunter," "Star Wars," "This Is Spinal Tap," "Awakenings," "Grosse Point Blank," "Batman," and "Kes".

* His hobbies are music, film, fashion, football, the Beatles, insects, and ladies.

* Drives a Red VW Beetle soft top.

* Speaks fluent German.

* Had to choose between his girlfriend and filming Lord of the Rings.

* Is "officially the tallest hobbit"

* Describes the LotR trilogy as "[B]ig and huge and vast, but...well worth it"

* Can't stand women who drink and/or smoke Thanks to Grace for this fact

* Since watching "Star Wars" when he was six years old, Dominic has been obsessed with films Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact

* His other obsessions include writing, music, fashion, playing/watching soccer and surfing. Utilizing his writing skills, he and Billy Boyd are collaborating on a script. Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact

* Has a knack for impersonations and accents Thanks to OrliGirl for this fact

* Was terribly allergic to his Elven cloak Thanks to HobbitFreeeek for this fact

* During the Brandywine Bridge scene in FotR, Dom got a splinter in his foot that he kept insisting was huge, but when it was pulled out, was actually quite small Thanks to G-Baby for this fact


Orlando Bloom

Legolas Greenleaf

Full Name: Orlando Bloom

Nicknames: Orli, OB, and Lando (his schoolmates used to call him this; some people still do) Thanks to Star for the Lando fact

Birthdate: January 13th, 1977

Birthplace: Canterbury, Kent, England, UK

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 148 lbs.

Parents: Harry and Sonia Bloom. Harry died when Orlando was four, and when Orlando was thirteen, his mother told him that Harry wasn't his biological father: a family friend named Colin Stone was. Thanks to Star and Luthien for this fact

Siblings: Samantha

Pets: He had a dog named Maude, but he left her in an ex-girlfriend's care while shooting LotR. He still visits Maude, but he got two new stray dogs, Siti (pronounced "city") and Guero, while filming Kingdom of Heaven. Thanks to Nienna, Luthien, and Star for thess facts

Hair color: Dark Brown

Eye color: Brown

Marital status: Some say he's dating actress Kate Bosworth ("Blue Crush" and "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!") and is ready to propose, but others say that the two broke up, pretended to be together for publicity purposes, and "broke up" again. Still others say that he did propose, but that she turned him down.

Fun Facts:

* Used to smoke but quit in 2002.

* Bites his nails.

* Some of his hobbies are skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding, surfing, snowboarding, photography, shopping, skulpting, poetry and buying old antiques. Thanks to Star for some of these facts

* Broke his back, ribs, nose, both his legs, arm, wrist, a finger, a toe and cracked his skull 3 times. Also popped his knee on set of "Pirates of the Caribbean".

* Speaks French.

* Favorite colors are yellow and green.

* Originally audtioned for the role of Faramir

* During the LotR shoot, Viggo Mortensen was forever calling Orlando "Elf-boy" Thanks to Grace for this fact

* Trained on nearly 20 horses, but still fell off the chosen horse and broke a rib

* Convinced 7 out of the other 8 fellowship members to get a tattoo of the Elvish symbol for 9

* Had to shave the back of his hairline for the role of Legolas, so he decided to go further (at the advice of Liv Tyler, who has flirting with him throughout filming) and shave off both sides completely: underneath the blond wig is a black Mohawk haircut.

* Doesn't really "get" computers; he prefers to do things with paper and pencil Thanks to Star for this fact

* Used to be a vegetarian, but now eats steak once a week to ease his back pains Thanks to little_arwen for this fact

* Favorite football team is Manchester United Thanks to OrliGirli for this fact

* Admires Johnny Depp, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Edward Norton (Norton starred in Fight Club alongside Brad Bitt: Orlando says he could watch that movie every day) Thanks to OrliGirli and Star for this fact

* His career choice was inspired by a girl he had a crush on when he was nine. He thought he could win her over if he could fly like Superman, but when he found out that Superman was an actor, he decided that acting was for him! Thanks to OrliGirli for this fact

* Is mildly dyslexic. He sometimes has trouble reading scripts, but manages to get by ok, although he was teased in school. Thanks to iluvorli and Star for this fact

* Learned to surf in New Zealand while filming LotR Thanks to little_arwen for this fact

* Does not read magazines Thanks to Sian Pham for this fact

* One of his obsessions is socks. He says that he has yellow, green, red socks...even ones that glow in the dark Thanks to Star for this fact

* Found out that he got the part of Legolas just two days before graduating at Guildhall, his acting school. Thanks to Star for this fact

* His mother, Sonia, is a language teacher, and named Orlando after writer Orlando Gibbons. Thanks to Luthien for this fact

* His first job was as a clay trapper at a pigeon shooting range

* Is scared of pigs. When a pig escaped on the set of Kingdom of Heaven, Orlando turned and ran in complete terror. Thanks to Nienna for this fact

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